NordiCare designs and markets carefully selected healthcare products. Our vision is to create efficient solutions with benefits that can increase value for all who choose our products and services, from health care professionals to end users.

Today, healthcare faces a growing challenge to seek cost effective and efficient solutions in order to provide improved patient care and speed up recovery, while still in need to cut costs and stream line its operations. NordiCare is committed to finding solutions to these challenges. As our products and services facilitate everyday life for end users and medical professionals, we strive to contribute to improved health economics overall.

The NordiCare range is developed with our customers' needs in focus. We always listen carefully to be able to come up with great and customized solutions. To ensure the best quality possible, we choose to cooperate with leading international manufacturers and partners. Carefully made choices in everything we do, from picking partners to making decisions, are just as important to us as our dedication to design and development.

NordiCare is a Swedish company and was founded in 2004 as a fully owned subsidiary to the design and innovation consulting company Carlia Consulting AB, established in 1994. Today NordiCare is one of the leading providers of medical devices and health care products within our product segments on the Nordic markets. Our customer portfolio consist of more than 2 000 companies and health care providers, including the majority of university hospitals and several high profile private hospitals and clinics in the Nordic countries. NordiCare is operated by CEO Helena Peters, who is also one of the founders behind the company and Carlia Consulting AB.