BALLERINA posture bandage

Sku: 50103

Ballerina is a functional posture bandage that provides a comfortable reminder to maintain good posture in the upper back. Broad, soft straps across the shoulders cross over the back and fasten in front using Velcro. The broad, stable back section works effectively on the shoulder section without causing unpleasant pressure above the diaphragm. Ballerina also provides thoracic relief. The straps are simple to cut to the desired length. Flexible and comfortable brace that is ideal for wearing under everyday clothes. Available in size S-XL.

Men and women of all ages who wants to improve their posture, their breathing ( training results/vocals etc. ) and or have posture-related problems can benefit from using Ballerina. Common symptoms that can be helped is tension in the neck and back muscles, numbness in shoulders and hands, some types of headaches and fatigue in the shoulder area

This product can be ordered via, phone +46 35 22 20, or fax +46 42 35 22 21.
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