MAMMA FIX support belt

Sku: 50104

Mamma Fix is a semi-elastic support belt that provides effective support across the pelvis. Suitable for use during pregnancy and in the case of pelvic joint problems. The belt is wrapped around the body and then fastened with Velcro in the centre. This makes it simple to adjust to provide the required stability. Sits securely in position as it is coated with silicone on the inside to prevent slipping. Mamma Fix is available in two lengths; both sizes are simple to shorten by cutting the belt at the marked seam along the edges of the strap. Made of sturdy elastic and rigid Velcro material. Colour: black. Height: 7 cm. Available in size S/M-L/XL.

This product can be ordered via, phone +46 35 22 20, or fax +46 42 35 22 21.
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